The Catholic Church, Websites & the Internet

Print information and live events are just two ways that people learn and gather information. A pastor has the attention of his congregation for about one hour each week while the average person consumes three to six hours of various types of content everyday outside of work. Capturing the attention of a media saturated culture has become an increased challenge. What can be done to cut through the noise?

The Power of the Internet

The Church has just begun to realize the power of the internet and websites for purposes of evangelization, catechesis, news and information, apologetics, administration, and some forms of pastoral counseling. Although a website cannot substitute for real, interpersonal communication, the reality of the sacraments and the liturgy, or the immediate and direct proclamation of the Gospel, it can complement them, attract people to a fuller experience of the life of faith, and enrich the religious lives of parishioners.

Parish websites also provide the Church with a means for communicating with particular groups—young people and young adults, the elderly and home-bound, persons living in remote areas, and members of other religious bodies—who may otherwise be difficult to reach.

Don't be Left Behind

A growing number of parishes, dioceses, religious congregations, and church-related institutions, programs, and organizations of all kinds now make effective use of the internet for these and other purposes. The Holy See has been active in this area for several years and continues to expand and develop its internet presence.

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