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We work closely with you to build a beautiful new website that highlights the charisms and ministry traits of your parish community. Then we continually update/maintain your new website after it is launched, every day, 365 days a year. Because we stay "plugged in," you can rest assured your website will always be up-to-date and utilize the latest internet technology at all times.

Each week our staff reads through your bulletin and converts the information into announcements and graphic banners in Spanish and English without any prompting from your staff. Of course we love it when you send us extra requests, but even if you don't, your parish website will become your primary communication tool because we keep it updated and relevant!

Please take a few moments to watch the videos below and discover why The Catholic Web Company is the Church's source for Catholic website design and maintenance.

So, how does The Catholic Web Company build and maintain my Parish or Ministry’s website?


Well, first, we create you a great website that not only WORKS, but highlights your best traits.

We work with you and quickly learn who you are as a community, and all that you have to offer, in order to provide solutions specifically catered to your needs and the needs of those you serve.

After your site goes live, we update your website proactively by studying your bulletin and converting that information into graphical and text-based content which we post to your website.

Each of these updates include integrated social media "share" buttons, so that your parishioners or members can share the information and events they are most interested in via their own social network profiles.

In today's digital world, this will dramatically increase the effectiveness of your evangelistic and catechetical efforts!

In addition to the personal updates we provide for you each week, you can also make requests at any time by visiting our submission site:

At, you can submit requests for General Page Updates, New Headings or Tabs, New Graphic Designs, and so much more!

Our talented staff make custom images, event registration forms, and post your audio and video files to your site, all from a simple and easy-to-use request.

Your staff need not have any knowledge of web programming or design, so requests can be made in common everyday language.

Ultimately, we are here to serve you, and serve the Gospel message.

When you hire The Catholic Web Company, you are essentially getting your own personal web department. We are as close and as dedicated as the best member of your in-house staff.

The Catholic Web Company: bringing Your message beyond the church walls.

We ARE the Content Management System


At The Catholic Web Company, we are often asked if we can build a website for a Parish or Ministry that they themselves can manage and maintain.

Technically we don't, because we ARE your content management system!

When you hire The Catholic Web Company, you get the equivalent of an in-house web department.

Let's explain this using an analogy: Think of your property's landscaping. Although you don't plant the trees yourself, you probably told the landscaper where to put the trees and should expect that they will keep those trees healthy. Our service works in just the same way. You tell us what you want, and we do all the work.

Whether it's a page update, a graphic banner, registration form, or a donation button, we are your personal webmaster. All you have to do is make a simple request, and we'll get it done

Our highly skilled staff of devoted, practicing Catholics are on-call and available when you need them.

Not only do we provide timely, expert-level website development and customer service, but we are also very proactive.

We read through your bulletin each week and keep your site updated, without any prompting from your staff.

The Catholic Web Company: bringing Your message beyond the church walls.

We can maintain your website regardless of your location


Why would we hire an outside company to do OUR website?
How does The Catholic Web Company work with out-of-state Parishes and ministries?
How attentive are you to your customers?
But what if we have an URGENT request?

These are all great questions!

Because the internet is accessible from any computer or mobile device anywhere in the world, we can efficiently maintain your website, regardless of your location.

Your Parish or organization will get the same level of exceptional service, whether you are a thousand miles away, or a thousand feet away.

Our staff is always engaged, on-call and available to you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you have an extremely urgent need, you can simply indicate that when submitting your work request.

We are also happy to take your phone calls or emails, should you feel a conversation would most quickly resolve your current need.

We serve our customers in the way that we would want to be served: with a spirit of warmth, charity, and respect.

It's how we have always done business and will continue to do so for you, when we build and maintain your new Catholic Web Company website.

The Catholic Web Company: bringing Your message beyond the church walls.

We offer several affordable options


So, how much does it all cost?
Are there any hidden fees in the fine-print?
Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

These are great questions!

After we determine your needs, we will recommend a maintenance package best suited to your Parish or organization.

There are never any hidden fees or extra charges, and you can expect the same bill amount every month.

Yes, we do have a contract, which is renewable every year. You may change the service level, or cancel the contract at any time.

Please call us at 877.343.9434, so together, we can determine how The Catholic Web Company can best serve your Parish or Ministry, and give you a fair and accurate quote.

The Catholic Web Company: bringing Your message beyond the church walls.

Do you offer services such as E-Newsletters, Social Media or Video Streaming?


At The Catholic Web Company, we offer many additional services and we'll be happy to talk with you, in order to determine your needs.

We can advise you on the best ways to utilize Social Media to increase engagement for your evangelistic, catechetical, and event-based efforts, and yes, we can even help set up live video streaming from your Parish or organization.

We have an E-Newsletter platform that works seamlessly with your new Catholic Web Company website, allowing you to reach out to your parishioners or members with beautiful and informative emails.

Please give us a call at 877.343.9434 to learn more about the additional services we offer.

The Catholic Web Company: bringing Your message beyond the church walls.

Why is it important that your site be Mobile-Friendly?


What does "Mobile-Friendly" mean?
Why does it matter?

Did you know that in today's world about 88% of all daily internet traffic comes from some type of mobile device, that is, a smart phone or tablet? You heard that correctly; mobile devices, not computers!

Smart devices, such as iPhones, Androids, iPads and other tablets are no longer just for younger generations. This is how people of ALL ages access their digital life every day!

Mobile friendly means that your new Catholic Web Company website looks great and functions beautifully on any device, anywhere.

As mobile technology continues to evolve, we constantly test your website on each platform, to ensure that nothing will prevent the people you're trying to reach from learning about all that your Parish or ministry has to offer.

In summary, Mobile-Friendly matters because mobile devices are where the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ is needed most in this day in age.

The Catholic Web Company: bringing Your message beyond the church walls.

How can my Parish or ministry actually make a difference online?


In today's vast, interconnected digital world, people learn and gather information in so many different ways.

A Pastor or Ministry Leader may only have the attention of a congregation or group for an hour or so each week.

All the while, the average person actually consumes between three and six hours of web and social media content every day!

Capturing the attention of a culture that is already over-saturated by all forms of media is definitely a challenge. Knowing these odds, you may ask yourself, "What can I do to cut through all the noise?"

Although the internet has been around in it's present form since the early 1990's, the Church has now just begun to realize the power and potential it has for the purposes of evangelization, catechesis, apologetics, administration, and even some forms of pastoral counseling.

Although a website is no substitute for the reality of the Sacraments, the Liturgy, or the unique, interpersonal warmth that your community offers, it can most certainly complement them.

A beautiful, up-to-date and easy to use website will draw people to a fuller experience of the life of faith, and overall enrich the lives of your parishioners or members.

With the majority of Americans of all ages using the internet every day on a mobile device or computer, your new Catholic Web Company website will provide your parish or ministry with the most effective means of communicating with the world.

Even the homebound and those living in remote or under-served areas will now have the benefit of connecting with your community in a meaningful way.

A growing number of Parishes, Diocese, Religious Communities, and other Catholic organizations, as well as the Holy See ITSELF are already doing this!

It's time for you to partner with The Catholic Web Company to do your part of the New Evangelization in today's digital world.

The Catholic Web Company: bringing Your message beyond the church walls.

The Catholic Web Company keeps your website up-to-date and utilizes the latest internet technologies.

Let's Get Started on Your New Website!